What are loafers?

Loafers are shoes without any laces or fastenings which makes them easy to slip on and off the foot, for this reason they are sometimes referred to as slip-ons. Comfortable and classic, loafers come in a range of popular styles and shapes like a penny or tassel loafer and can be worn for both smart and casual occasions.

What to wear with loafers

Classic and versatile, men’s loafers are the ultimate shoe that can easily be dressed up or down season after season. For a casual look, swap your trainers for a tan pair of loafers with white sporty soles and wear them with your navy chinos, finish the look with a white shirt or polo t-shirt. Black leather loafers are great to wear with smart suits and tailored trousers, make sure you match the colour of your socks for a formal finish.

What’s the difference between loafers and moccasins?

While loafers and moccasins can look very similar, they are entirely different types of shoes. A loafer is made from several pieces of leather that s built across the foot. Whereas a moccasin shoe is made from a single piece of leather that sits under the foot and is stitched over the top.