What are moccasins?

The design of moccasins derives from Native-America, worn by tribes, moccasins were traditionally crafted from deerskin or soft leathers like suede. Considered the oldest form of footwear, it’s thought that moccasins date back as far as 30,000 BC, yet they still remain a favourite footwear choice for casual wardrobes.

The defining characteristics of a moccasin shoe lies in their soft materials and construction, built from under the foot, the upper starts under the sole and wraps over the foot. Traditionally this would help its wearer keep light on their feet when hunting, but these days you’ll find a moccasin to be finished with a rubber sole.

Are moccasins in style?

Moccasins have been around for many years, traditionally worn by Native-American tribespeople they’re a shoe style that has grown in popularity over the centuries, so much so, they’re still considered a classic staple. Loved for their comfortable, stylish, and practical qualities, moccasins are suited for more casual occasions in the warmer seasons like the summer. Easy to slip on, they look great with pieces like your jeans or chinos.

Do you wear socks with moccasins?

Due to the soft uppers and flexible soles, you won’t need to wear socks with moccasins because they sit so comfortably against your feet. However, wearing socks might help to prolong the life of your moccasins, so opt for something like footsies, also known as invisible socks, they’ll help to keep your shoes and feet feeling fresh without being on show.