How to keep feet warm in wellies

Investing in a pair of wellies with fleece linings is a great option for trapping in warm air in your boots and will ensure your feet stay toasty for as long as you wear them. Another option is to layer up on the socks, thick socks won’t necessarily mean your feet will stay warm, wearing a few pairs of woolly ankle socks will ensure your toes stay extra toasty.

How to wear wellies

Practical and surprisingly fashionable, wellington boots make a stylish cure for the rainiest of days. Brightly coloured and patterned wellies are perfect for occasions like a festival, their fun bold look will jazz up jeans and raincoats. For a more traditional look, green wellington boots are ideal for slipping on over your jeans and matching with classic shades like brown, navy or black.

How to dry out wellies

If the inside of your wellies gets wet after stomping through puddles, allow them to dry naturally for around 24 hours. To speed up the process, stuff your wet wellington boots with scrunched up newspaper will help to absorb any extra moisture and will ensure your wellies maintain their shape. Always dry out your boots naturally to avoid any cracking or discolouration.