Arch Fit® by Skechers: The Benefits of Arch Support

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Arch Fit® by Skechers: The Benefits of Arch Support

What makes Skechers trainers so comfortable? 

From their Air-Cooled Memory Foam insoles to their lightweight Glide Step tech, Skechers has long been at the forefront of the global trainer game, developing science-backed comfortable trainers for every occasion. 

In this guide, we explore the world of Skechers’ Arch Fit® technology. Backed by 20 years of data, each pair in Skechers’ Arch Fit® collection has been engineered to create a comfortable walking experience you can count on. 

The Benefits of Arch Support 

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The arch of your foot performs several functions that you probably don’t even notice as you go about your day-to-day activities. 

Our arches help to keep us balanced, by supporting and dispersing our body weight across the entirety of the foot.

When walking or running (or dancing!) they help to propel the foot forward, storing elastic energy that is used to drive and push the foot off the ground. 

Finally, they act as natural shock absorbers which – you guessed it – absorb the impact of each step, preventing aches and pains elsewhere in the body. 

Shoes with arch support can help alleviate aches throughout the body, improve balance, and allow for the proper dispersion of weight across the foot to reduce fatigue - no more tired feet!

Skechers understand that shoes with supportive arches go the distance when it comes to creating a comfortable walking experience.

What Are Arch Support Shoes?

Skechers Arch Fit® insole is designed to mould to the bottom of the foot, creating a custom fit. 

This podiatrist-certified technology is designed to distribute weight over a wider area to reduce pressure and provide stability, balance, and support. 

Developed from 120,000 unweighted foot scans and 20 years of data, Skechers Arch Fit® footwear has been designed to provide support for all-day comfort. 

Thanks to the removable insole, most of the range is also machine washable – perfect for keeping your footwear looking fresh-out-the-box new. Unlock your best walking experience with Skechers Arch Fit®.  

Look For the Logo

Wondering which Skechers shoes feature arch support? 

Easily identifiable, sandals and trainers that are part of Skechers Arch Fit® range will feature a wave-like embossing on the side of the outsole that reads ‘Arch Fit’, so you can be sure you’ve picked out the right pair with proper arch support. 

Essential Styles

For Him

Skechers' simple slip-on styles are the ultimate go-to for easy casual style. 

Discover spongy soles with shock-absorbing properties, in a sporty silhouette created with athletic mesh uppers for breathable and lightweight trainers you’ll love to wear everywhere. 

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For Her

A classic lace-up style presents the perfect opportunity to polish off any laid-back look with casual sporty style. Complete with cushioned heel, soft knitted upper and a lightweight shock-absorbing midsole, these women's trainers ensure all-around comfort you can rely on. 

Thanks to the removable Arch Fit insole these shoes are also machine washable, making it easy to keep your favourite footwear fresh and clean! 

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