8 of the Best Shoes for Bunions

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8 of the Best Shoes for Bunions

If you have bunions, then you’ll know all too well that bunion pain is sometimes impossible to ignore. Finding stylish bunion-friendly shoes that look great and fit well can be a tricky task, but finally, the search is over!

We’ve compiled a need-to-know guide of the best shoes for bunions, so you can find shoes that are flattering, comfortable, and kind to feet.

Made with our signature comfort technology, you can trust that this line-up of bunion-friendly shoes are the most comfortable of all. From classic summer sandals, wide fit shoes, and go-getting trainers, meet our best shoes for bunions …

What are the best shoes for bunions?

Our top pick of women’s shoes for bunions will take the hard work out of shopping for the perfect shoes, from wide fit sandals, smart shoes, trainers, and slippers we’ve found the styles that will step you through every occasion.

Keep scrolling for the best bunion shoes that are guaranteed to earn you a compliment or two.

Sandals for bunions

The Best Sandals for Bunions

Leather Sling-Back Sandals

We love the soft leather straps of these chunky sandals, their supple leather linings will mould to fit around your feet over time, meaning they’ll become more comfortable the more you wear them.

The thick, colourful straps offer flattering and comfortable coverage over areas of your feet like bunions.

Plus, the extra cushioned leather insole helps spread the weight across your feet decreasing the pressure placed on your bunions.

Why We Love Them:

    • Adjustable strap
    • Soft leather linings
    • Extra cushioned design
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Best Trainers for Bunions

The Best Trainers for Bunions

Memory Foam Trainers

Made with an innovative woven design, these trainers will keep your feet feeling comfortable and supported as you step through the day. The stretchy upper has been designed to shape around your feet to accommodate for sensitive bunions while pairing with practically every outfit.

And they even have a memory foam insole that conforms to the shape of your foot, providing a stable and cushioned base for the balls and heels of your feet, alleviating pressure from bunions or corns.

Why We Love Them:

    • Stretch fit design
    • Memory foam insole
    • Simple to slip on
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Slip On Clogs

The Best Clogs for Bunions

Fly Flot Clogs

Loved by nurses, clogs are a great choice for bunion sufferers who are on their feet all day.

These Fly Flot clogs have been a popular style for years because of their self-moulding insole, spacious toe box and anti-shock support. A comfortable alternative to regular clogs.

Designed with an impressive amount of cushioning and an extra flexible sole, they’ll give you the best of both worlds for keeping comfortable and on-trend.

Why We Love Them:

    • Wide fitting
    • Self-moulding footbed
    • Lightweight design
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Smart Shoes for Bunions

The Best Smart Shoes for Bunions

Evening Heels

Created with a low block heel, these sling back shoes allow your feet to fit comfortably without putting pressure on bunions.

The low heel of these shoes give a supportive boost to your height without making you uncomfortable, which means you can keep on your feet through dressy occasions.

Why We Love Them:

    • Adjustable fastening
    • Comfortable block heel
    • Cushioned insole
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Wide Fit Sandals for Bunions

The Best Wide Fit Sandals for Bunions

Stretch-Fit Sandals

We love the thick stretchy straps of these sandals, perfect for ladies with bunions they promise a flattering look and fit.

Created with a wide fit, the soft stretch-fit uppers of these sandals will surround your feet with a supportive and optimised fit. Great for ladies who experience swollen feet in the hot weather.

Why We Love Them:

    • Stretch-fit design
    • Non-fastening straps
    • Cushioned microfibre insole
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Women's Slippers for Bunions

The Best Slippers for Bunions

Fully Adjustable Slippers

The best way to treat your feet to some TLC? A cosy pair of slippers - there’s no better feeling than slipping on a brand-new pair.

If you have bunions, then you’ll know it can be tricky to find footwear that fits well. The widest point of your footwear should align where your bunions show up.

These slippers are made with two adjustable straps, so you can alter its shape to keep your feet as comfortable as can be.

Why We Love Them:

    • Anti-bacterial linings
    • Extra cushioned insole
    • Two adjustable straps
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Shoe Stretching Kit

Shoe Stretching Kit for Bunions

A shoe stretching kit might just be the answer for making your favourite pair of shoes bunion-friendly!

Just spritz the stretching solution onto the leather lining of your shoes and place the shaping tool where your shoes are tightest against your foot. And voila! Bunion-friendly shoes overnight.

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What is a bunion?

Bunions, medically known as hallux valgus, is a foot condition where the joint of the big toe shifts out of place causing a painful bump on the inside of your foot.

The most common cause of a bunion is wearing ill-fitting shoes, where pressure is applied to the joints of your feet and over time the bone or tissue at the bottom of the big toe moves out of place forcing the big toe to bend inwards.

While it might be tempting to reach for your favourite pair of shoes, if they cause pain and discomfort to your feet, it is important to replace them with shoes that fit well and give more comfort and support.

Bunions are irreversible, whilst the styles we have suggested can help alleviate pain and discomfort, they will not cure the foot condition. We recommend that you seek advice from your GP or Podiatrist if you are suffering with bunions.

How to choose the best shoes for bunions

It may feel like your options are limited when shoe shopping if you have bunions, but with a little know-how you can find plenty of stylish options that will keep your feet happy!

Read on to discover our top tips when shopping for bunion-friendly shoes …

1. Shoes with a wide toe box

Bunions can be caused by shoes that are too tight and do not give feet enough space to move naturally, so it’s important you find shoes that leave enough wiggle room for your toes to fit comfortably without rubbing or pinching.

The widest point of your shoes should correlate with the widest point of your feet, and if you have bunions, it’s vital that your shoes should accommodate for them.

2. Shoes with soft linings

In many cases, a bunion can distort or alter the shape of your footwear and can make your shoes feel tight across the toes. Once irritated, these pesky and painful bumps can become sore and cause redness, inflammation, or even blisters.

Choosing shoes with supple linings like leather, are great for those with bunions as it feels soft against painful points and will gently stretch and shape over time to echo the shape of your feet.

3. Adjustable shoes

Wearing tight shoes are a big no-no for bunion sufferers, as their narrow shape can pinch or rub on bunions causing further pain and inflammation.

Shoes with adjustable fastenings are perfect for bunion sufferers, as you can tailor the fit to your feet, particularly useful for ladies who experience swollen feet.

4. Low heel height

While we never wish to part from our beloved high heels, shoes with low heels are the best option for those with bunions.

High heels tend to increase pressure on the bunion, whereas shoes with lower heels provide a more stable base that evenly spreads the weight across your feet.

5. Cushioned and supportive insoles

Look for shoes with cushioned insoles, they will support your soles with dreamy comfort and evenly distribute the weight across your feet, preventing additional strain on painful points like bunions, corns, and hammertoes.

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