What Are the Best Trainers for Wide Feet?

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What Are the Best Trainers for Wide Feet?

If you have wider feet, then you may understand how hard it is to find trainers that are firstly comfortable and secondly stylish. So, if you’re looking for the best trainers for wide feet your search is finally over! We’ve done the research into wide fitting trainers for you and gathered up a wealth of shoe-fitting information, the best wide fit trainer brands, plus a need-to-know guide for measuring wide fit trainers. 

Wide fitting feet? High arches? Bunions? There’s no such thing as the ‘average foot’, while we are all encouraged to learn our shoe size, our foot width is often over-looked. Did you know that almost 50% of the UK population are wearing ill-fitting shoes? So, we’re on a mission to lower the figures and make life more comfortable (and stylish of course). 

Wearing the wrong width of trainers will not only feel uncomfortable but can cause lasting damage to your feet, poor fitting shoes can disrupt your natural walking pattern, putting strain on other areas of your body like your knees and back. So, when it comes to finding your next pair the question you need to ask is how should your trainers fit?

How to measure for wide fit trainers


UK width fits are sized differently between men and women, so it’s best to understand the width fits that are available for you and to determine the most appropriate fit for your feet, this guide will explain everything that you need to know.


It’s important to understand that the shape of your feet can directly affect how a pair of shoes fit, for example broad feet will require a wide fit shoe with a roomy toe box and those with high arches will require a contoured insole with padded arch support and adjustable fastenings for a more flexible fit.

What are the trainer width sizes?

For Women

D- Fit - Standard Fit

D/E Fit - Wider Fit   

E/EE Fit- Extra Wide Fit

For Men

F-Fit - Standard Fit    

F-G Fit Wider Fit     

G-Fit - Extra Wide Fit

Wide Fitting Top Tips


  • If you are trying your trainers on in a store, it’s best to visit at the end of the day where possible this is because your feet will be at their widest so you can ensure a more accurate and comfortable fit.
  • Trainers too big? Add an additional insole to your shoe for a tailored fit, or should you struggle with swollen feet you can interchange additional inlays and insoles to modify the fit.
  • When trying on your new trainers, be sure to put on the socks you would normally wear, this way you will get a more accurate fit.


What are the best trainers for wide feet?

Where wide-fitting trainers are concerned there are several trusted brands our customer’s return to again and again, like Skechers, Fly Flot and of course Pavers Shoes.

Loved for their performance-enhancing features we select the trainers that not only fit well but offer long-lasting comfort support.

Skechers Wide Fit Trainers

Famed for their comfort, Skechers are a favoured brand for wide fit trainers. Known for their innovative comfort-enhancing tech, sporty designs, and super lightweight soles, they’re the kind of trainers that feel comfortable from the moment that you try them on. 


Pavers Wide Fit Trainers 

We couldn’t create a wide fit guide without mentioning Pavers!

Over the last 50-years we have led the way where comfortable footwear is concerned. 

When it comes to designing and creating our collections, we know a thing or two about the perfect fitting shoes, and our wider fit and extra wide fit trainers hold no exception. 

Stretchy uppers, roomy interiors and super easy fastenings are just some of the elements that make our wide fit trainers just so comfortable and ideal for leisurely activities like walking.

Fly Flot Wide Fit Trainers

Fly Flot’s shoes are anatomic which means that they are designed to fit the natural shape of your foot, giving full support for a more comfortable step. Fly Flot’s wide fit trainers are a great choice for those who want their trainers to be both practical and stylish.

Fly Flot trainers are equipped with clever self-moulding footbeds that instantly adapt to the exact shape of your feet, this helps to evenly redistribute your body’s weight across your feet preventing pressure.

Which men’s trainers are wide fitting?

Ranging from an F fit through to a G fit we have a large range of men’s wide fit trainers to suit all activities from running through to hiking and even lazy everyday options. We’ve picked a few of the best-selling men’s trainers our customer’s love! 

Skechers Wide Fit Trainers

1. Skechers Vigor 2.0 Advantage Leather Trainers

A lightweight, flexible and very shock-absorbent trainer from Skechers, built on a sturdy traction sole with memory foam insole.

Skechers Trainers
Pavers Wide Fit Trainers

2. Pavers Wide Fit Men’s Lace Up Trainers

The ideal trainer for gentle walking activities, this trainer sits between an F and a G fit offering up generous interior with softly padded linings and a cushioned leather insole.

Pavers Trainers

Which ladies trainers are wide fitting?

For ladies going about their days with wider feet, you’ll know all too well the struggle of tightness when you’re not wearing the right shoes. Ranging between D/E fit and EE/E fit our ladies trainers will cater for ladies with wide fit feet, here’s a selection of the best-selling favourites …

Wide Fit Trainers for Women

Fly Flot Wide Fit Slip On Trainers

Lightweight, shock-absorbing and complete with a removable memory foam insole there’s so much to unpack in this pair of trainers, but the secret to its favourite wide fit design lies in the sport knit upper that will stretch to fit your foot perfectly, every time.

Wide Fit Trainers

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