What to wear with knee-high boots

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What to wear with knee-high boots

Footwear trends come and go, but knee-high boots will always remain the timeless favourites that will stand the test of time year after year, and it’s easy to understand why! Classic and sophisticated, women’s boots look fabulous with a range of outfits and occasions too. Long boots make the perfect style staples for our wardrobe when the temperature begins to dip.

As suited to smarter looks for work and evening events as they are to more casual outfits, knee high boots come in an array of styles and shapes so you can adapt their versatile qualities for a multitude of occasions. So, if you’re wondering what the best dresses are to wear with knee high boots or pondering how to pair your calf length boots with jeans, we’ve put some of our favourite outfit ideas together to inspire your Autumn Winter wardrobe. 

Black Knee High Boots
Black knee high boots

How to style knee high boots

There’s lots to consider when styling an outfit with knee high boots, whether you’re wearing long boots with heels and dresses or pulling on a casual pair of flat knee-high boots, it can feel like a daunting task to choose the right pair, but once you have the know-how you can put together a super elegant outfit in a matter of minutes.

Firstly, when deciding on the best knee-high boots for the occasion, consider the shape and colour of the boots and how they will work with your outfit. Boots with looser-fitting silhouettes and flat chunky soled tend to be more suited for casual outfits, whereas black or tan leather boots with a heel are great for adding a smart finish to an outfit.

Slouch Knee High Boots
Black knee high boots

When wearing dresses with knee high boots consider where the top of your boots and the hemline of your dress will sit against your leg. Showing a small proportion of your knee or leg will give you a taller appearance as it breaks up the silhouette, so go for a dress that sits just above your knee. 

If your hems sit on top of your boots, it can alter how your dress looks and hangs on your body, plus it can also feel pretty uncomfortable if they catch and snag as you walk. A mid-length dress is the perfect option to wear with knee high boots, not only is this a super flattering outfit, but it’s also great for layering when the chilly weather sets in. Make sure you go for a dress that nips in at the waist or go for a waist belt that matches the colour of your boots for an elegant finish, this is simple styling trick that will really help to accentuate your figure whilst breaking up any over-powering blocks of colour or prints that could give you a shorter appearance.

Wearing knee high boots with jeans or trousers is another simple look that can be tailored to suit a range of smart or casual occasions. For a casual everyday look, a pair of knee-high boots with a chunky tread sole is not only super practical but comfortable too, go for a slim fitting pair of jeans for a sophisticated look.  

Top Tip: When wearing your jeans with long boots, go for a pair with a wider calf fit to ensure your jeans can fit comfortably into your boots.

When can I wear knee high boots?

Knee high boots are a trusted style favourite, mostly worn in the Autumn and Winter months as they are perfect for layering with tights or trousers in the cold weather. However, long boots are so classic they can be worn into Spring and even the Summer months too, just slip them on under light floral print dresses for a seasonally approved look.

The beauty of knee-high boots means they can be styled with pretty much anything, so in the cold weather, pull them on with a pair of woolly tights and a dress or no tights, and for the sunny seasons, boots will look great worn with a dress and sheer tights or no tights at all!

Brown knee high boots

How to style brown knee-high boots

Brown knee high boots are extremely versatile, although they are the type of footwear that’s more likely to be worn in the Winter months, that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn at any other time of the year, they’re perfect for Spring and even into Summer too!

From rich tan to dark chocolate brown, when it comes to finding the perfect pair of brown boots, there’s endless colours and tones to choose from. For an outfit that’s suited for Autumn, go tonal by layering woolly textures like a plaid pinafore dress with tights in coordinating colour palettes and finish the look with a winter coat in matching tones for a sophisticated look. 

Wearing brown boots over a blue pair of jeans is a classic outfit and timeless outfit option, finish the look with a white collared shirt left untucked and pull on a knitted jumper over the top an equestrian inspired look.

How to style black knee-high boots


Likely to be the most versatile footwear option, a black pair of knee-high boots are a true wardrobe investment for every occasion and every season.


The great thing about a pair of black boots is that you can style them with pretty much anything. A slick pair of black leather boots when worn with a knee length skirt or a dress makes an easy and elegant evening outfit. Or for more causal outfit, go a flat slouchy pair of black boots to wear with your favourite pair of jeans for a comfortable everyday look.

Top Tip: Matching the colour of your boots with accessories such as your belt and handbag will help to pull an outfit together really quickly and will lend an elegant and sophisticated finish that can be switched between jeans, dresses, and even skirts.

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