Best Shoes for Standing All Day

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Best Shoes for Standing All Day

When your job or lifestyle involves long periods of time on your feet, whether that is standing still or walking, having comfortable and supportive shoes are a must. Being on your feet all day can put your feet under a lot of stress and pressure, especially if done multiple days in a row, so we always recommend giving your feet some TLC where you can. Unsupportive shoes can lead to additional foot problems and joint pain, so we have put together a round up of some of our favourite shoes to keep you comfortable, supported, and of course stylish, during long days on your feet.

What are the best shoes for nurses?

Head to any hospital and you are sure to see busy staff wearing everything from running trainers to leather shoes. A lot of nurse and hospital guidelines suggest that shoes should be a closed toe to aid protection, and to reduce infection and transmission, a pair which are easy to clean. Most departments prefer black or navy blue footwear to in keep with uniform, and here at Pavers we have an extensive range available in those classic shades.

GOwalk Joy Trainers by Skechers


One choice for busy nurses is a pair of classic trainers. Many trainers are equipped with extensive comfort technologies due to their athletic purpose, making them great for those on their feet for long periods of time. A pair which can be slipped on with ease thanks to their pull on profile, the GOwalk Joy Trainers by Skechers feature an innovative 5GEN midsole design and Skechers Goga Max insole, treating feet to the most advanced walking experience available. The mesh upper is crafted to naturally expand and react with your foot’s movements, which can be great for those who suffer with feet swelling when standing. 


Another popular choice for nurses is a pair of clogs. Fly Flot are well known for their remarkably comfortable clogs, and the Anatomic Wide Fit Clogs for Women are perfect for those who favour a roomier fit. Imagined in a classic slip-on profile, the clogs offer effortless wear, perfect for putting on at a moment's notice. The insole of the clog is anatomically shaped, designed to support the natural contours of your foot, whilst the self moulding foot bed allows for a bespoke fit over time. In addition, the shock absorbing sole helps protect joints further than the foot, which can be impacted by long days on your feet. 

Anatomic Wide Fit Clogs for Women

Bikers MC Fire Power Lightweight Trainers

Which trainers are best for your feet?

Trainers have transformed so much in the years gone by. No longer reserved only for the gym or walking, trainers have evolved to be crafted from leather in simple fashion-inspired silhouettes. Perfect for looking fabulous, this style of trainer is less suited to a long day of standing or walking. For days when you are expecting to be on your feet, whether walking and moving or standing, we would recommend opting for a pair of trainers which are equipped with protective and supportive comfort technologies. Skechers trainers are always well equipped with innovative comfort technologies, such as their Air Cooled Goga Mat cushioned comfort insole and the lightweight shock absorbing midsole, ideal for protecting your feet and joints against long periods of time on your feet. For a less athletic look, the Wide Fit Casual Lace Up Shoe by Relife is a great choice and offers endless styling opportunities. Perfect for light activity, the trainer shoe is crafted from breathable leather which gives a smart finish whilst still aiding the fresh foot feeling. In addition, the shoes are imagined in a wide fit profile, and are lined with supple memory foam insoles for relaxing comfort.

How to prepare your feet for a long day

In order to keep your shoes, and feet, in the best condition possible, we recommend not wearing the same pair of shoes every day. Although this can be difficult with full time work, if you can alternate between two pairs of shoes, it will give your shoes time to fully recover and dry out between wears, thus offering you the optimum level of support it can. The cushioning inside shoes can also become compressed over time, meaning that it will no longer by giving the highest level of support. Having two pairs (or even three if you wish!) gives your feet the chance to have optimum support and comfort throughout the week. If you know a certain part of your foot is susceptible to blisters you can always prepare your feet with plasters or petroleum jelly to help protect your feet throughout the day.

Leather Chelsea Boots

Leather Lace-Up Shoes

How to look after your feet after a long day

After a long day on your feet, there is nothing better than giving them a little mini pedicure to help them recover. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of baby oil, let your feet soak for five to ten minutes, this will help soften up any hardened skin, plus it’s a great way to relax with your favourite book. If you’re in the mood for a full pamper, why not enjoy a warm soak in the bath and use a good foot scrub to gently exfoliate your skin? After soaking, carefully dry your feet with a towel one at a time. Apply a dollop of moisturiser into each of your feet, start with a small amount and gradually add more as you massage. Don’t forget to work in between your toes! If you fancy a little extra treat, our moisturising spa gel socks contain moisturising oils, which will help to prevent any future built up of hard skin and cracked heels. They’re even washable and reusable, perfect for all of your future at home pamper sessions! Click here to read our full guide on how to do the perfect at home pedicure.    

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